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Stopping climate change demands a bundled voice of global civil society – and that means it needs Civil democracy. Read here the five steps why this is necessary – and if you want to support to stop climate change, continue with links below.

  1. Stopping climate change demands a change in life styles around the world. It is not something that can be done by isolated elite action, it needs decisions based on coordinated insight and decisions for coordinated action by all world citizens.
  2. Stopping climate change demands a lot of knowledge. As acquiring knowledge takes time, a division of labor is needed between individuals who acquire knowledge, form political actors, and develop policy positions together, and individuals who perceive and trust these political actors to benefit from their knowledge. Such political actors exist, and with regards to stopping climate change, exist mostly in the form of environmental NGOs.
  3. Stopping climate change demands that these two be brought together: We need the participation of individuals and of environmental NGOs in making the decisions that are necessary to bring world society onto the path to sustainability.

In the past, this participation has taken the informal form of NGO consultations. In Rio 1992, this was a step forward. But in Madrid 2019 (and, to be honest, much earlier) it was clear that this model was outdated. Governments around the world decided to concentrate on domestic short-run issues, and the global civil society could do nothing more than lament.

The reason is that global civil society has so far no institutions that allow it to concentrate its diversity into a common voice. Only national governments can claim to represent their societies. Civil society organisations do only stand for themselves, irrespective of the fact that are trusted by millions of world citizens. Because they cannot convincingly show that trust.

  1. To stop climate change, world society needs a power that is the bundled voice of its responsible citizens. To stop climate change, world citizens need to understand that they are truly responsible, and this is done best through giving them responsibility.
  2. To stop climate change, world society needs to include its civil society organisations in the formation of that voice. Here are the actors that have the knowledge and the motivation to influence their fellow citizens.

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