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The one-pager

Besides the posts here on the blog, see the one-page description of Civil democracy and the Global Sustainability Council.

Civil democracy brochure

The brochure

The next level of entry is the 20-page brochure that is available here on the website.

The book

A more complete introduction is given in the Civil democracy book (paperback, 136 pages). It is available as paperback, 6×9″ hardcover, and ebook.

The reader

A edited volume of texts written on Civil democracy up to summer 2019, available as paperback and as ebook.

The history book

Two Steps to Modernity is a 480-page study in historical sociology describing the two-stage nature of Western modernity. It is available as paperback, hardcover, and ebook.

A more comprehensive listing of texts on Civil democracy comprises the following entries:


Since 2017, this work has benefitted from the help of open data specialist André Golliez, web campaigner Boris Périsset, cross media designer Christof Täschler, and continuously of Diana Krüger and Enrico Tenaglia. Enrico, Boris, Christof and I formed the first realization attempt team Over the whole decade up to 2019, the project has been supported by a person who preferred to remain anonymous, but whose help is gratefully acknowledged.  More recently, Civil democracy has been gratefully supported by Swissdevjobs and two individuals who prefer to remain anonymous. The author assumes responsibility for all remaining errors.

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